October 12, 2013

fortunately, this morning I took out a roll of the silk crêpe that I saved for the Japanese-American national Museum workshop in November.
my plan was to do a stitched Shibori piece on this fabric but in experimenting with it I have discovered it’s terribly difficult to stitch on crepe. even the lightweight crepe is hard to push the needle through.
so I will have to make another plan for that fabric.

and another plan for that workshop.

September 2, 2013

i made this little video While preparing for my two-day workshop at the Japanese-American national Museum in Los Angeles.
I’ve been wanting to try out my new zakuri but just haven’t had the time -this gave me a good excuse to put it to use.
It works beautifully and is a piece of art in itself -such craftsmanship put to practical use. I love it.
My next workshop that I would like to take some time this next year is a workshop from Michael Cook of Wormspit-a silk reeling workshop.
I need to go to the next level where I can take the reeled silk and turn it into a usable fiber by plying or re-reeling into a heavier thread.
I can see that I’m going to need to order several more bobbins for this zakuri.

My main goal for taking the zakuri to the workshop this weekend was to teach them how the silk that they are using- the old kimono lining silk-was obtained and to give them a better understanding and appreciation for the fabric that they were dyeing- the fabric of people’s lives.
there was lots of old silk reborn in the workshop.
the goal was achieved!