March 6, 2013

those of you who know me know this is a very big deal. the brother machine is 37 years old. I’m glad to get it back and back up to snuff. I will use it for indigo fabrics, machine mending and any other non silk sewing. the pfaff will be threaded with white silk and reserved for silk sewing- which is most of what I do these days when it comes to machine sewing.
the two other machines I have will be resold on Craigslist (the white brand quilters machine was originally purchased there for $30 as a backup machine and works fine for cotton fabrics. it just can’t handle silk gauze). the husky star which is currently in need of work and not worth fixing at this point was bought as a used floor model about 10 years ago. maybe someone will take it who wants to fix it. it actually does sew-just no reverse and it won’t switch from straight to zigzag without turning the machine off and on several times. I have however overcome its reluctance to stitch silk gauze decently. I won’t miss it though.

here’s what the pfaff can do on silk gauze. each edge is a different technique.