August 17, 2013

posting from the computer today- i think this may actually be a first since i started this.  i’m always working off the phone.  but today it is charging and there is a mountain of work to do-


ship out orders!  collected during the show and while i was away.

gather together the items, pack them up and print the labels.

and make lists of things that need to be finished or made for some of them.

then do it.

chloe is here today to iron ribbon.  yesterday i dyed 3 colors-black, teal, and green.  i will be out wrapping ribbon all day.

might take a break to shoot a little video here and there, water the garden, pick my dinner.  there are lots of things to eat out there since i got back.  but nothing much in the house- so this morning i had to make some scones.

how rich can one be?