August 5, 2013

gonna get away for the rest of the week. to a place in the woods down a long dirt road in the Sierra national forest. a perfect place to sit stitch and think.
the show is over and although I did fine ( thanks to my customers and the ability to teach a class) I have to admit it was a little soul killing.
so little real creativity left at these shows anymore. so few makers able to advance in the sea of crap that the shows have become. and I understand the show in Portland next year will do away with the real classes and only have the quickie crafts on the show floor where no one gets paid.
show trolls looking for ideas they can prostitute. looking for people to whore themselves out to the corporations for a few dimes and some “free” press.

I was glad to pack it up and know it won’t be returning here again next year.

a few of us are working on a new idea. we’ll see where that goes.

and btw- the little possum was released
as advised by an expert-by the light of the moon and along a back fence. he scurried off into the dark.