June 18, 2013

I finally figured out how to change the orientation of this video so it wasn’t on its side ha ha!

I still have videos from Japan to include here and I will little by little as I can.

If you follow my Facebook studio page you may have seen the video of the lady doing the Shibori work. That video went somewhat viral on Facebook with almost 100 shares and approaching 12,000 views. I’m not sure if I put it on here before but I was amazed at how many views that got. I’m somewhat of a numbers person so I’m always interested in how numbers change based on what I put up on my Facebook pages and that particular video really bumped a lot of different numbers. It added almost 100 fans to that page. Wow.

June 12, 2013

some fascinating woven textiles. I think the Nuno exhibit we saw inspired me to buy the kimono overcoat. the weaving in it makes me wonder. the exhibit was very interesting. if only department stores here had a floor devoted to special exhibits and high craft and design.

June 11, 2013

here is one of the videos that I couldn’t get to upload last week from Japan. It’s a walk through Shimoda Park and all the ajisai are in bloom.
There also seems to be an issue with the iPhone volume so not sure how or if it will affect the upload. Looking on the apple forums it looks like it is related to Siri and is a software problem. If that I’d true, I will just be at their mercy until an iOS update fixes it! in the meantime – it’s mostly visual anyway…

June 6, 1012

Well, I had a great video prepared from today but am not able to upload video from here. will have to try again from another location, another day.

I guess you will just have to be satisfied with this-
and this
looks like two photos are all it will let me load tonight.
it was a great little Recycle shop I stumbled into and found some lovely things. the ladies were surprised I could identify all the different types of silk shibori and weaving patters.
will try for more tomorrow. hope this post will load!