November 21, 2013

OK.  I just decided to add the video as a separate entry so here it is:

rain here today.  i wonder where they are? they were so amazing to watch.  lots to think about while i did.
thought about folks who are going through their own transitions.  losing loved ones, carrying on through it all. life.

much ribbon being made here this week- and every day since i returned.  i have a stack of indigo requests i will be working on as soon as the rain stops.  probably just in time for thanksgiving. i wonder how blue hands look at the dinner table.  my younger son will arrive tuesday night and he really needs a big hug and some homemade food.  he asked if we could make him some good granola to take back.  we’ll be doing that.

I wonder, are you getting tired of the same old thing?  Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon.  I do enjoy the process and of course the colors.  The new iron is working out just fine.  Pretty good deal for an industrial gravity fed iron.  ($100 at the show).  And of course my HS helper Chloe is enjoying the new iron too.  She listens to her ipod and irons her after school day away.  College is on the horizon for her.

Something new to work on is in the back of my mind after meeting Scharine Kirchoff in Houston recently.  I think it was the highlight of my trip.  She is a weaver of kasuri in the Okinawan tradition and keeps a traditional vat herself.  She told me of a way to use my indigo leaves for a vat that doesn’t involve a composting shed but basically composts them in a vat with some ash water and lime.  She also grows her own indigo.  I couldn’t believe it but she was just in my area giving a workshop which I missed as I didn’t know of her.  Her website/blog is Ryukyu Heritage Textiles.  We found we had several favorite friends in common.  Who knew?  So fun to meet a new indigo friend.

back to the ribbon now- and some silk hemming for scarves today. nothing new there for you…