And in the end…

…the love you take
Is equal to the love you make

And here we are- at the end. Not exactly Abbey Road but a road nonetheless.  It has been one year of the daily dyer and I will leave this up through the end of January as several of you have written to me asking to have time to catch up here. Then I think I’ll just let it go and delete it.

I thank you all for coming along, for participating, for challenging me, for being part of the experiment.  I hope you learned a little something along the way. Something maybe about making for a living, or maybe something about dyeing.

I learned a lot by practicing a daily post-well, somewhat daily.   I  learned that out of the 360 days I only got up 240 posts-  so that is about 2/3’s of the days in the year. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t working.  Most were video posts.  Some days I was excited to show you something new I discovered- other days I didn’t want to bore you with another day of base dyeing, ironing, pole wrapping etc..

I actually found it quite challenging (I really don’t know how Jude manages it all!)!  I did learn that I could manage all this off the phone without ever having to go to the computer-this was something I had wondered.  I also learned that I often get so busy I’d forget to post.  Some days I would even complete the video and never remember to upload it. I get distracted doing too many things at once.

I don’t really have anything important to say here.  I kind of feel out of words.  Maybe that is why the video thing worked for me-not so many words.

I don’t think I would do this again.  It kind of gets in the way of working.  I posted less on my main blog too.  But I expected that.  We’ll see how it goes this year.

I also want to say thanks for all the love I get from you all- it is equal to the love I put back into what I make.  You are so very generous.

Let’s have a new year and fill it with love, compassion and take good care of what this world gives us all. It can only give back the love we give to it.

OK, so maybe I had a little more to say than I thought…

10 thoughts on “And in the end…

  1. i guess the other thing i wanted to get across was that it doesn’t take a lot of fancy stuff or a fancy studio set up to make for a living. it really takes more mental space than anything. and a certain amount of organization. so thanks jude. visiting your site is always a respite when i need one.

  2. words, no matter how few or how much, pass along those cerebral connections that allow one to experience experiences outside one’s self…I love watching you work your magic with your cloth…be it silk ribbon process, or the indigo bath processes. All, to me, are mystical and inspiring…tempting me to move outside my safety zone of creativity…Your words, creations are food for thought and very meaningful. You have so much bounty to share – your garden, your knowledge of Japanese fiber art…techniques, cultural history, all of it totally fascinates me and encourages me to do research on my own…Thank you so much Glennis for being so generous to we, your followers…
    I wish for you a very Beautiful, peacefully creative 2014!
    ant [anna in tampa]

  3. Thank you so much for sharing what goes on in your world and taking us along for the ride. So much of what we do is a solitary journey; it good to know we are all so different in how we work, yet not alone. Much love, Dar

  4. I am sad to see this site go, I could always come here and get a glimpse of you practicing your art, come here for inspiration, knowledge. Thank you, Glennis, for all the sharing. CA is too far away, but I could always visit you on thedailydyer.

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