December 2, 2013

yes December is now officially here.

more rearranging at hand but long ago I learned that the secret to doing what it is I do is to be extremely flexible and keep moving on regardless of the chaos or the changes that surround you.
The moment that I am unable to change or adapt is the moment that I am unable to proceed.
moving on can also mean standing still in the moment and just accepting.
A high degree of adaptation is absolutely necessary.

and oh joy- I get to be sick for the next few days it seems.

4 thoughts on “December 2, 2013

  1. oh and i guess i could add that as a self employed person, there are no paid sick days. keep that in mind when you think about how wonderful working for yourself might be. just a reality check.

  2. I hope you feel better! I hate being sick…it’s hard to fall behind on so much. I can only imagine it’s harder if you are working for yourself.

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