November 30, 2013

and so here we are. The last day of the month.
how it came to pass so soon I don’t know.
but after several days of preparing for guests,friends and family arriving, Thanksgiving ,a big rain,and now it’s Saturday.
A new outdoor rain/shade cover should arrive early this week.
so in the meantime I work out here uncovered and naked. and of course it rained.
so today is clean up day and put it all back together day since we used a lot of the tables from out here inside for Thanksgiving dinner.
seems like I’m always rearranging things and life just to fit the moment.

The main vat turned cold since the new heater burned out mysteriously while we were giving thanks. it likely burned out from getting wet in the rain and lack of cover.
time for a new one as colder days arrive soon.


2 thoughts on “November 30, 2013

  1. yes. and in over 30 years of living here i marvel looking back at all the various arrangements that have worked in all those enjoyed moments. life is real. we invent, change, rearrange and LIVE! today, not for the future. funny- phil kept saying how is that going to work, how is this going to work? all the different people coming over and no real formal plan. the oven wasn’t working until the day before, there was rain forecast and i originally thought we might all eat outside. all i could say was – don’t worry. it will. i am not worried. and it did. no rain- the oven part arrived and was fixed but we cooked the turkey outside anyway- worked great! better than inside. i did though go out and buy some new silverware- discovered that i didn’t have enough forks for everyone and didn’t think chopsticks were the answer. now i have a set of real silverware! (made in china of course)

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