November 8, 2013

yes, I’m back.

boxes return yesterday and unpacking commenced. The rest of the putting away will be done today.

The show was quite successful. The classes were very well received and enjoyed by all. including myself.

it was so busy I never had a minute to do much of anything else nor to actually see the show. that’s the way it goes sometimes. Especially when you’re on a budget and don’t have extra help so you can get away from the booth.

I was very lucky to have MaryAlice, who was on the very first silk study tour five years ago, step in for me at the booth on Saturday when I taught the indigo class.

I did get to see some old friends that I never see outside of the Houston show and that was really nice.

due to steadfast persistence over the last 7 years, Shibori ribbon is really starting to take off. so, this next month and a half at least is going to be very busy with just dying ribbon.
here is a little video I did on the last day before leaving Houston. there were literally hundreds of these monarch caterpillars all over this one section of garden at on the green in front of the convention center. not having been able to get monarch cats to grow on my milkweed plants here I’ve been very interested in how they pupate.
I actually brought back to caterpillars with me in a small box in my carry-on.
within 24 hours of arriving home they both formed their chrysalis. they are so beautiful green with tiny gold beads protruding -like real gold. I understand the take 10 days to transform into Monarch butterflies.

so here is the chrysalis stage


and what does this have to do with the dyeing? not much. but having spent so much time watching silkworms I was very curious about the Monarch butterflies.

i’ll end this for now but I think I have another post partially started from the show

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