November 8, 2013 part deux

I made this little video on Saturday morning at the show. it kind of shows you the vast size of the convention center. my booth was located on the first floor of one end of the building, and my classroom on the third floor at the extreme other end of the building.

most exciting however, was the opportunity to meet with two professors from Japan. at a Janome sponsored dinner one night I met both Hideko and Masako from Yamanashi prefectural University. Hideko teaches classes to the textile department there and Masako is involved in research and the history Silk Manufacturing and overall entrepreneurship and textiles.

both were at the show to promote their prefecture’s silk manufacturing. with the help of the local prefectural government they are reviving a regional Silk that was manufactured in the edo period. similar to what we know as Thai silk it has different colored warp and weft threads. but unlike Thai silk it is much finer and distinctive in other ways. we had a very interesting conversation and I hope to meet with them again on a future trip to Japan.

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