October 10,2013)

skipping today.  phone is dead.  too much to do.

i am grateful though that the muggers who attacked my son last night in SF in front of his apartment when he was coming home from a late rehearsal at the SFCM didn’t harm him (though they threatened to kill him!).

he lost only things that could be replaced- phone, new computer (his graduation gift), bank cards ,bus pass, DL, cash and music scores. that and his innocence and love of city life.  like his girlfriend said this morning-

the city is nice to visit, nice to stay at for a few days, but I’ve never been keen on living there to begin with. Any place where smoking crack on a bus bench is permissible is not a city of choice!”

so this morning has been a bit rough, busy replacing a few things like his phone and $ but otherwise he’s OK.


so very thankful.

5 thoughts on “October 10,2013)

  1. Oh, Glennis, I know this had to be a very frightening experience not only for your son but for you, the MOM, as well. I fear that the world is becoming more and more a frightening place to live…no place seems to be immune from the terror that criminals can bring…from street thugs to terrorist thugs or the political thugs in Washington…all threaten our lives in some hideous way. I am so glad to hear your son is okay, his soul is shaken I am sure, but he is alive…things can be replaced or not, but a life is irreplaceable…
    anna in tampa

  2. wow. came back to look at the blog and stumbled on this today- the day after Thanksgiving 2015. He made it through the conservatory and as soon as he got his Masters he moved out of the city and back to San Jose. about a month past this incident he started seeing a counselor at school as he was not feeling like continuing but overcame and pressed on. these are the days of our lives aren’t they?

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