3 thoughts on “August 22, 2013

  1. Hi Glennis – what a wonderful way to start my morning – beautiful colors on ribbon wrapped poles, feeding my eye cones…lush, lush. And those cantaloupes – you are a phenomenal gardener…you have not only a blue thumb [from dyeing] but a green thumb for growing beautiful edibles…btw – received my gorgeous packages yesterday – your usual perfection, creating lots of dreams on what to do with all those pretties…thank you, thank you…
    ant [anna in tampa]

  2. nature provides the resources, i am just her laborer. glad you received the good and some eye candy. the cantaloupe was not as sweet as last years…wondering…still good. not sure what the difference was.

  3. just looked it up- and the advice on garden web was to withhold water for the last two weeks to concentrate the sugars. i was away and my dog and garden sitter is pretty liberal with the watering (as well as the dog pampering!) next year!

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