2 thoughts on “August 19, 2013

  1. happy dance to the shipping confirm; yummmmmmmm to the cantelope; and divine to the lace work cloths you showed…I have a very large table cloth, a hand-me-down from the “wicked witch of the east” , aka my mother-in-law. This cloth was a wedding gift to her from her grandmother, it was handmade in Portugal which is where her grandmother bought the item…when you live in England, it’s not hard to zip around the continents…so my mil gave this to me, saying that her own daughter thought it was a ,”piece of crap and she’d probably use it for a dust cloth or cleaning rag”….can you imagine…well, it’s mine now and I take it out and look at it and think about what I could do with it or to it. It is in perfect condition, I checked it thoroughly thinking there might be an op to practice my needle lace skills…but no holes to repair…so if and when I get my mythical indigo bath going, that cloth could be a candidate for dyeing…I am so heartened at your joy of old cloth, cloth made by hand, embellished by time old needle work…I have always loved old cloths, clothing – especially the things embellished with faggoting, needle lace, crewel or heavy embroidery work…lush to say the least…and I spied your kitty with the ringed tail, supervising the work flow…just love that kitty…
    ant[anna in tampa]

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