2 thoughts on “July 18, 2013

  1. on the price of silk increase, I saw that the last time I ordered silk yarn for weaving, but since I love silk over all others [ fabrics, thread, yarn] I will gladly pay the price…I would be surprised at others being surprised at rising costs…everything is becoming more expensive…I see that every time I grocery shop…as for kids learning farming -that’s a good thing, people need to know where their food comes and how hard it is to farm…whilst we didn’t have a farm per se, just 100 acres of land of which a certain portion was devoted to veggies, fruit [bush and tree] herbs, etc…and you can bet your sweet bippie, all we chilluns [5 of us] were out there weeding, picking vermin off the veggie vines [no pesticides ever used in our gardens] greens, berries, whatever. We were even paid 10 cents a bucket to pick out the little rocks from the soil before the beds were planted -gardening was done down in what was called “the bottoms” – rich loam soil from former river bed, hence the rocks. Whilst we had a grounds man to help my Mother with the large jobs on the land, we 5 kids were expected to do our share and other than the 10 cents for a bucket of rocks, we did the work for free…but I do know from whence food comes and how hard it is to produce it…
    ant[anna in tampa]

    • it was fun to see them and hear their comments (eek-a spider!) it is good for them. yes, i too remember picking rocks out of the garden back in VA. and cutting bushels of corn off the cob outside on the picnic table for freezing.
      and silk, well it is what it is. until i decide to raise silkworms become a filature mill here.

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