2 thoughts on “June 28, 213

  1. hey, glennis – what is that gorgeous moon stuff that you showed at beginning of this video – absolutely GORGEOUS, me wants me sum…lololol. Is this something you are going to slice/dice and put in shop…maybeeeeeeee????? Glad to hear you’ve got a helper. I could use one of those, need someone to “think clearly” for me…lololol this chemo brain is getting oh, so tiresome…looks like you are having some time for creativity…keep on truckin…
    ant [anna in tampa]

    • thanks Anna. I am trying to get a selection of moons made up for the shop. I love these cloudy moons too. I only found one meter of this silk in a second hand shop in Shimoda (where the hydrangea garden was). Loverly little shop where two ladies were taking apart kimono and making things from them. some really nice bags and men’s shirts. using the best of what they had. did I post a video of that? sheesh. I can’t remember. will have to go back and check.

      but that’s how it is there. you find these silks in odd corners.

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