June 12, 2013

some fascinating woven textiles. I think the Nuno exhibit we saw inspired me to buy the kimono overcoat. the weaving in it makes me wonder. the exhibit was very interesting. if only department stores here had a floor devoted to special exhibits and high craft and design.

4 thoughts on “June 12, 2013

  1. ” if only department stores here had a floor devoted to special exhibits and high craft and design.”

    …If only. If only people weren’t mostly impressed only by the latest digitally printed textile or light up gewgaw!

    I suppose I will just continue to make what I love and find beautiful, and hope more people make beautiful things and appreciate beautiful things so that artists like you can keep going. It’s purely selfish on my part…I just want to see more, so I’ll support the makers of beauty!

    I’m not sure I’m even expressing myself with this sentiment, but I just got back from the SDA conference and some things were oh so disappointing. I’m frustrated and just wondering what has happened.

    • the last time i was in a department store it seemed like they were devoted to cheap clothes and overpowering fragrances! and as for the SDA- I’d be interesting on hearing your take on it. I’m not much of a “joiner” of those groups. I “joined” HGA for a season because I had to to teach there- even though they asked me to! it was sort of a pay to play gig.
      and i do somehow, keep on going. i’m gonna be like that old shibori tying master- if i’m lucky!

  2. Glennis, I just want to thank you for posting so many beautiful videos of the places visited and the fabrics viewed. This last video of the gorgeous raincoat for kimono wearer is unbelievable…I really wonder how this intricate weaving was done on industrial machines…so many changes in texture that I can’t help but wonder if it was hand-woven in the method of Sari weaving where textural changes are done on loom and the threads used are quite fine…I do wish I could have taken this wonderful, wonder filled trip with you – but not doable as long as I have this cancer to deal with…but at least I got to see some of the sights you and your group of ladies enjoyed – living vicariously, I know, but at the nonce I will take my experiences as I can.

    My two cents regarding the post by mandib9 – I have ventured away from any organized efforts { Quilting guilds, SDA, etc.] at textile creation whatever – I have found that in spite of supposed ‘intent” to promote handmade items, a lot of the movement has moved away from what is truly fine, well executed handcraftsmanship…and the use of natural resources to produce handmade…it has become too much of a contest – what I call “one upsmanship” with not enough attention to the detail of finely produced handcrafted things…I started a collection of wonderful antique Japanese cloth years ago, long before I started weaving and dyeing on my own cloth…in fact it was this collection and interest I had in all things Japanese that I started weaving and trying my hand at shibori…when various colleagues in various textile oriented orgs saw my fabric, they turned up their noses
    ant [anna in tampa]

  3. i wonder if it is a jacquard process. and anna- thanks so much for being here- in all that that implies. if this little blog can take you with us vicariously then that is the best reason i can think of for doing it.
    in regards to the various craft and textile organizations- .
    craft serves many purposes- but there definitely has been a shift.

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