June 4,2013-from Japan

Today was a day to visit the Tokugawa Museum. This lovely museum features objects of the Tokugawa-Owari family which places the items in a historical reproduction of the living quarters of the  Owari daimyo. Main features include a noh stage, a teahouse and the gallery area where business was conducted.   A very large sword collection was the special exhibit during our visit. The Heian period scrolls from the Tale s of Genji are replicated here as they are too fragile to be shown -except for one week each November.  The gardens featured a large koi pond as well as picturesque paths, waterfalls, bridges, and flowers.  Several brides and grooms were being photographed during our visit-

IMG_0676 IMG_0679


We also visited the Noritake ceramic museum which had a lovely collection of their best pieces since the beginning of their company in the late 1800’s.


Today we are moving north to explore the Izu penninsula.  I am sending the baggage ahead to the airport where we will retrieve it before we leave which allows us to move around more freely.

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