May 29, 2013 from Japan

a little side trip again yesterday. it was back to Hayama beach and Hirata San was kayaking. We loaded the kayak early and arrived at the beach at 8 AM.

I had added this book to the tour’s suggested reading list and brought my copy along to read. It is a fascinating account of the Helm family and the author’s recollections of growing up in Yokohama. Maggie is a bit further along in the book and came across a story about the Emperor’s home here in Hayama. It recounted the 1923 earthquake and tsunami by a housemaid and her escape from death by running into the hills. Upon her return to the Emperor’s home she found it in splinters and folks ransacking corpses for whatever could be found and carried off.
So interesting to read that after having visited the site and seeing the bridge and grounds around the home.

I could have spent all day there walking that beach. there was an amazing amount of beautiful beach glass and porcelain.

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