May 17, 2013

wow. what busy past couple of days here. yesterday’s visit to the filature mill was quite amazing. like one of the gals told me ” I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it and even though I have I still don’t quite believe it!”

the process of automatic filature (silk cocoon reeling) is quite a feat of mechanical engineering. many of todays Japanese car makers got their start designing, manufacturing and exporting filature machinery.
here is a small view of the process:

I think I will have to add to this later as I am fading out. midnight here and must get some sleep.

this silk is from the outside of the cocoons and reeled off into a very rough yarn. it will be further processed before it can be used. I love the way it looks here.

a lovely lunch of cold buckwheat noodles.


silk factory workers doing morning exercises ( mid 1800’s) -over time, automatic reeling machines increased silk production one hundred fold in addition to raising the quality and consistency of the raw silk. many important Japanese companies can trace their beginnings back to fortunes made in the silk industry.

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