May 16, 2016

Pleased to report that we all arrived in Japan as planned- always thankful for that! After a night at the Narita airport Hilton where everyone rested, we had a lovely breakfast and those who had not yet met we’re introduced.

Our now traditional first morning photo was taken and we hopped on board our bus to travel to the city of Kiryu – known as the textile town.

dyers materials

back door guard of the dye shop

silk crane wedding obi fabric

fascinating weave structure on display at the textile cooperative. how is this done?

After a very full day we returned to our onsen for dinner and enjoyed the baths while our futons were prepared for a good night’s rest.

8 thoughts on “May 16, 2016

    • ginny- i have more videos and photos- i will get them posted as i can here. some are just fantastic. wifi here is only in the lobby and when we arrive at night here i just can’t make myself go down there-must get some sleep!

  1. Enjoyed seeing the old weaving mill, the loom, and love the “back door guard of the dye shop,” I need one of those on my porch! Look forward to more and perhaps someday I can make the trip.

    • she shoed us one if the first looms here to use the flying shuttle. it was even more interesting since ast trip here i saw mechanized ooms that had done away with that and the weft fibers were shot across the warps with air-no more shuttles!

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