May 3, 213

a kink in the works, or more precisely my shoulder, sidelined me for the last three days and had me pretty much on my back with ice. a trip to the ortho dr. yesterday to get some help proved successful. the pain had spiraled into constant nausea and an inability to move my left arm.
turns out I have a calcium deposit under the rotator cuff and was given injections of cortisone along with the help of X-rays and ultrasound to more precisely locate the spot. more ice and bed rest and today I am feeling quite human again.

overuse of my upper body, lifting, pushing, pulling over near 40 years of making, gardening and do-it-yourselfing have attributed to this of course.
the timing couldn’t be worse with everything I have to do before leaving for Japan. in fact, yesterday in my mind I was not going to go! couldn’t imagine it. but today is a new day as is everyday and with the blessing of my meager catastrophic style health insurance I was granted entry to health services. the bill for all this will come due soon enough but for the ability to work again i am grateful.
honestly, I really hope healthcare reform is seen in my lifetime. if not for us, then for our kids and all those who can’t afford even the most minimal of policies. for artists, musicians, the self employed and anyone outside the reach of employer provided healthcare private health insurance can be all but unattainable.
but I digress-so back to dyeing

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