April 28, 2013

apparently I lost a day somewhere. I don’t always know when I am working every day. at the end here I say it is Sunday the 27th but of course it is the 28th.
I have video from yesterday but never did get it posted. so it goes.

highlights here- dug up and moved the madder. I could see that if I left it where it was that by the time I return from Japan it would be a problem. it’s growing so fast.

I also did another cutting of the indigo. it’s now dried and stored. I’m going to have to replant the indigo when I return.
it really wants to flower and go to seed already! so maybe some more early seed for those that need some in late June. we’ll see.

and the new fermentation vat! wow!
now that I have mastered the year round vat temp issue I really can’t imagine keeping a chem vat around.
maybe some prereduced just for certain occasions and of course for traveling workshops.

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