4 thoughts on “April 17, 2013

  1. I knew that being a teaching artist must be very challenging, but it never occurred to me how you struggle with getting people to do the right thing and not take advantage of you. I’m really disappointed to hear about a major show not paying you.

    • fortunately, Sew Expo doesn’t own me more than a utility bill or two but they owe others much more. it just grinds me that they put paying the teachers at the bottom of their list even though the show itself is built around the classes. in order to have a booth i had to teach a class and also give an unpaid lecture which by the way they sold tickets to-which by the way sold out-which by the way they collected about $750 for. not to mention the $1000 booth fee paid in advance. don’t forget that most of the attendees pay for these classes MONTHS in advance! I wonder how they would feel to know the teachers still have not been paid? so i gave up a lot of time, paid someone to be in my booth while i was out speaking and teaching, lose sales during that time and then don’t get paid?? jeeze such a deal. i sent off a couple of heated letters to the powers that be there and have heard nothing. blog post? hmmm….

      and, as you can see, I also have to order supplies for these classes months in advance at my own expense. at least Quilts Inc is on top of their game.

    • I received an email back from her where she said:
      “Where ever we acquire new knowledge to add to our creative process whether it be from a book, blog, website, video or class we always share with one another what we have learned. That is all I was doing”

      my reply to her:
      “Sharing what YOU have learned through a blog, book, website, video etc. is understandable. Forwarding a private password protected workshop site location and the protected password is quite another thing altogether.
      I’m surprised that you are unable to differentiate between the two.”

      it is very hard to keep the faith some days-i swear.

      and i did hear back from the director of the show who told me she was sorry that I hadn’t let her know what was going on sooner (apparently being the director of the show she is not aware of what is going on in her own organization-and mind you I emailed her after hunting down her name and address the same day as I received the email about delayed payments).mind you, she didn’t say she was sorry we hadn’t been paid yet. that in 29 years of owning the show I was the first to ever complain. wow. amazing what people will put up with when they don’t know any better.

      guess i won’t be invited back either. this is a show that in the past i was told that there was a 5 year waiting list for. i don’t think that is true any longer.

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