April 12, 2013

back at it. lots going on. lots of boring ironing and wrapping. also helping a friend with her spring cleaning sale.

the garden always offers a break from tedious work. one of the rewards of planting a seed.

8 thoughts on “April 12, 2013

  1. Your garden is so pretty and lush!

    Your persimmon tree looks much like my pomegranate. I couldn’t find persimmon here this year, but I did get a Texas persimmon which isn’t good fruit for people, but might be for kakishibu.

    I have started handweaving so that I can make my own linens to combine with purchased silk because I like the more interesting textures and life that a handwoven piece has. But maybe I should consider some vintage linens, too.

    • ha- i meant to say pomegranate. but i do also have a persimmon tree. not yet blooming. i might try to make some kakishibu this year but i just can’t make myself pick them off the tree green. i want to eat them! this will be the 2nd year for me to harvest poms off this tree. they were delicious last year!

  2. wow, what a lovely garden, Glennis. You must have some acreage to have so much going on…beautiful, beautiful. Love the array of vintage items you were showing. Can’t wait to get my packets to see what you sent me…I love vintage things, have been collecting for a while, but there is now such a scarcity of beautiful pieces, lots of merchants buying them up to resale at much higher price since there is a demand for this kind of thing now…I hope you have a chance to look at Karen Ruane’s site – she does beautiful work using antique laces, fabrics and it is all in white with a few sparks of color.
    anna in tampa[ant]

    • haha- no acreage here, just efficient gardening. i will go look at the link you sent me yesterday. maybe tonight. actually, this yard is a gardener’s yard. it was owned previously by a nurseryman so has a gardener’s spirit for sure. the dirt is magnificent- and i add to the compost daily!

  3. “Wondering in white” and this post really touched me and my love for fabric that has a past life, Your thoughts are warming. Thank you. Diane

    • all that new fabric i see at the shows…it just doesn’t move me like this stuff does. and certainly if you are a hand stitcher or a dyer. you want real cloth. stuff that feels good in your hand and in your heart.

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