4 thoughts on “April 3, 2013

  1. too funny, the photo of the poor beasties with only a small space to stick their heads out and wistfully watch you work in the dye studio WITHOUT their interrruptions…lololol…dogs are so expressive…

    • actually, it’s a huge sliding gate and here it is only opened a crack. they just cause a ruckus if i let them out and then they want to wander the neighborhood…they have a big back yard to play in though. they are not suffering.

  2. Glennis, I am enjoying your blog. I have avoided using Indigo dye, to me it was just another “blue” colour. But, I went to an exhibition of Jane Callendar’s work (she is in Australia doing workshops), and I am going to buy the Indigo dye and dye anything that is not tied down.

    I have previously completed a large silk 12 momme, mokume stitched, hot water dyed piece.
    I have never been able to work out why this piece was lacking something. The stitching was good, it does look like wood grain. I over-dyed the piece thinking that would help. But, it still did not “sing” to me. The Indigo dye gives “tones” of blue, the hot water dye has only one tone. I am a slow learner.

    Regards, Shirley McKernan, Northmead, Sydney, Australia.

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