April 1, 2013

the last few days have been a weird mix of things and I’m still not back out there dyeing. an impromptu trip out to pick up the old sewing machine ( the old Brother that was my HS graduation gift) turned into an enjoyable day out and around the South Bay here and in addition I came across an old sewing machine table to set it up on off of a Craigslist ad for $20. score!

the new/old machine all set up and ready to go. this is one of those tables where the machine can fold down and the whole thing can hide away and serve as a table. I am excited since I have never had a dedicated table for a machine before! and it’s sewing beautifully. this will be my everything but silk machine. cool.
then Sunday of course was Easter and a family gathering was attended (Phil’s ) and this little video was the highlight- a walk down to the beach with the kids-

I wanted to believe and start digging right then and there! so sweet.

still plugging away on the tax data today. I hope to get close to finishing.

along the way, last Thursday and Friday it became clear I was involved yet again in another instance of a designer artist having her class/workshop materials- this time it was a customer of mine who buys my ribbon and designs kits and workshops making elaborated high end beaded jewelry pieces.
once I figured out what was going on I contacted her with what I knew and let her decide what to do. like myself in past instances she is going after them as best she can. I am so sick of this I can’t tell you. and I hate that I sold ribbon to them (a beaders group in a resort retirement community in AZ) before I figured out what was going on.

I know I can’t control everything and I do find it interesting that these things continue to come my way. I wonder about that.

and then to add to the disappointment the fellow who ordered the custom mokume indigo shirt was not happy with the arrangement of the stripes.
so I am refunding him his order and handling that. a first for me really so I shouldn’t complain but it has made me change my mind about doing this kind of work. in the future, I make it and if you like it you can buy it (like I usually do). no more of the kinda like this, kinda like that. too much room for misinterpretation not to mention the lack of understanding and appreciation of the limitations and beauty of the process.
I still learn these things even at this stage of the game!
gonna get back to the numbers so I can get to a new ribbon order.

6 thoughts on “April 1, 2013

  1. i have done a fair amount of this but mostly when it comes to custom colors on silk. hasn’t been a problem. this just won’t work for me. but, i will get it back and sell it. so no real loss in the very end.

  2. I’ve had this problem with custom stuff, too. Very frustrating and I just won’t do anything for others now, unless it’s a gift.
    I’m sorry to hear about more people taking others classes and info and passing it off as their own. It seems to happen more and more often.

  3. update…funny-for some reason after i emailed him and told him to pack it up and I would send a call tag and refund his money he has changed his mind and wants to keep it. good grief! still not going to get into this situation again (i hope!). maybe it was an april fools joke?

  4. custom work sucks the life out of me and the art form. sigh…

    “the treasure’s right there!” — oh, the innocence of a sweet child. made me smile

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