March 15, 2013

and I did get to the dermatologist today to start treatment on removing that painful wart. this may take a while.
but of course she saw something else to slice away at and now I have a stitch or two on my face. unfortunately, she didn’t use silk thread.


4 thoughts on “March 15, 2013

  1. just wondering…what kind of thread do you use for stitched resist? I’ve been using buttonhole twist…but it leaves great big holes.

    Thanks for the tip about Dharma’s thread…I need more silk thread for hemming and was wondering what to get. I’ll look at Superior’s line.

    I am enjoying the videos. And I love my new little flower with the peacock feather! Thanks!

    • superior’s is more expensive to be sure. but really a whole different product.
      as for nui shibori thread, i use a black polyester thread that is size 30. very fine and i can use a 8-10 size milleners needle.

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