February 4, 2013

today is recovery day more or less. time to unwind a bit from the 3 day workshop and reflect.

we really enjoyed teaching together these past several days and the students who gathered were very attentive and open to everything we presented. a joy!

the first day was devoted to arashi so since I was the main teacher this day I didn’t get many photos or even any video. part of teaching is to be very in the moment.
we used several kinds of silks- some of the kimono lining silks as well as the lightweight habotai and gauze.

here they were putting in some random pleats before wrapping the silk on the poles.
we base dyed everything first and discovered a couple of lining pieces that were not 100% silk. we saved those for the indigo vat as they were a silk cotton blend.
Vicki was particularly interested in creating pieces that could be folded before being wrapped and overdyed.


Phil’s band Steel Parade was playing locally so at the end of the day Richard acquired some local color (as well as a couple beers and a huge burrito!).

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