January 26 part deux

there was a lot of work done today. silks being sorted, tested, and samples made with them.

all the pieces shown here are silk and are made using old interior kimono lining silks.
imperfections exist but these silks have a history-and an intention. they have been saved all these years ( from 50-100!) and yet they are mostly overlooked in favor of the fancier outer and more decorative kimono fabrics.

these inner kimono and nagajuban (the under kimono that comes in contact with the skin) are often made of the softest and thinnest silks. and they dye beautifully.
here, we were taking a few photos and just enjoying the mandalas outside.

the first image is Richard at the polewrapping machine-having a hard time. later, he got int the groove.

2 thoughts on “January 26 part deux

  1. I love this! Not only do I get to put a voice to the person, I get to hear about our common obsession with colour, light and reflected patterning. So much to see and be happy for. Thanks

  2. Gorgeous pieces…wish I could be there in person – sigh. One video worth a thousand words! Btw, Glennis, I just placed an order for 2 packs of the neutral vintage silks…can’t wait to try my hand at dyeing transformation. Enjoy this workshop, have fun, create much beauty!

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