January 22, 2013

it’s been a trying day

a trying day for me is one where i feel i don’t get anything done. today feels like that. and so much to do! makes me a little crazy.

on another note, i was able to get an RTA for the unused cartridges and reordered the new correct ones. there’s nothing like running out of ink when you need it and then having to go pay crazy prices for them at the local office supply store. I like this site for my ink:


i order the RM cartridges. cheaper and i haven’t had a problem at all.  i would of rather just replaced the printhead (which is what i suspect it needed rather than throw the whole thing out-what a waste!) on the old kodak printer but it came out to about $50 including shipping plus the week or so wait, plus a coin toss on whether that would have solved the issue.  i found this one at a big lots for $49.

i had seen them there some time ago and made a mental note about it.  right next door the were selling the same thing for $100.  but i have lost the whole day and now will have to work late.

where’s the assistant when you need one? ahhh….the life of a so called artiste! at least now my labels are printing with clear scan bars.


4 thoughts on “January 22, 2013

  1. Funny. I ALSO had printer issues — actually the printer worked — but when I tried to resolve that the HP All-in-One printer’s scan function did not work, I managed to disable the entire print capability. I also lost the ability to communicate with one of my key external drives, which I thought I had solved by updating the drivers. That worked for a while anyway…. Arrrrgh….technology is frustrating sometimes. I just want it to work. I will note the re-inks.com site as the HP cartridge cost is an outrage. In the past, I have used the re-engineered ones and have even tried filling them myself over the years. See http://www.123inkjets.com/ for their refill kits… Crossing my fingers for you (and me) on this one! J

    • i think i used them in the past too… anyway, it had me thinking about how much printing i need to really do. i usually print 2 copies of each invoice-one to send with the order and one for my hard files. i sometimes wonder if customers really want or need the copy i send. they already have a copy on their own computers. and my hard copies hardly ever get used. it’s just a habit i got into years ago before “the digital age” . i’m a dinosaur i guess…

  2. i don’t print much at all. I email the copy of the invoice and say print it if you need it. and record the sale using a pencil in a log book. but of course my business is very small.

    • you actually email them a copy huh? they already get a copy of their paypal transaction automatically so that should be good in my book. anyway, unless it is a wholesale order, i’m going to stop sending them with the order i think. if someone questions it i can always email them another copy. time to break old wasteful bad habits. i’m reminded today that as of the first of the year here in cali we can just show a digital copy of our proof of insurance if we are stopped for a traffic violation. a good thing. thanks Governor Brown!

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