6 thoughts on “January 10, 2013

  1. Did you use the motor from an old sewing machine? How did you figure out how to create the clamp to secure the pole for wrapping? Looks like you have to be part artist and part engineer to make the mundane tasks easier. This is really fun to see what a day in the life is like for a fabric designer/dyer!

    • this actually is just a 1/4hp motor but i understand you can use a sewing machine motor. i actually have another one in the works using an old sewing machine- one i was given when i turned 18! ( an old brother machine i had lent out and was given back to me recently.) Carter Smith had directions that one could purchase to make one-but it’s been a while so not sure if it is still available. This particular machine shown here was sold to me by Karren Brito. She contacted me some years back when she was downsizing her studio and moving into weaving asking me if i was interested in it. (of course!) I owe a lot to Karren as i have said many times. Anne Selby has devised a machine with some grant money she received. It is quite complicated but apparently effective for her purposes part of which involves sending it to Sri Lanka where she is having her shibori line produced with it. Anne Selby’s device takes many of the ideas used in Karren’s machine further by incorporating the dyeing, heating and steaming aspects. Personally, that is what I don’t like about Anne’s device. you have to do each piece one by one and the device can’t be used until the previous piece is completed. I like to wrap up a whole days worth of work and then to all the dyeing and then the steaming. plus Anne’s machine costs $7-$10M including all the extras and shipping from the UK. I am fine with my Heath Robinson approach. and i have no desire to send my work out to Sri Lanka to be made. I didn’t do that with my porcelain work and won’t here as well. it’s a personal choice.

  2. as jeannie 307 inquired, so am I -curious as to how the motorized machine evolved…sure makes things easier with motor-driven pole turning. I look at various tools I have for handling my dyed yarns for weaving – filling bobbins[motor driven and hand] and my ball winders [hand driven] and I “what if” a lot regarding making the pole wrapping much speedier…you are an inspiration for sure, Glennis. I do so love the arashi method and it is great to watch you create…can’t wait to see the finished product here…

    • most of your questions are answered above but yes, making up things as we go along to facilitate the process. i tend to make use of what i have close at hand. the hand turned wrapping device uses old roller blade wheels from when the boys were playing roller hockey. this new one will use my 35 year old sewing machine motor. there is something satisfying about that…

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