January 9, 2013

a late post today. you never know what the day will bring around here.

a very interesting day. a visit from Brazil by a costume designer for a private class. Patricia experienced a serious health problem last spring and after surgery and physical therapy is celebrating life in 2013 by recreating her world.
it was a pleasure to be part of it. I didn’t know anything about her before she arrived but in the end we had both learned a lot! no time to take much video or photos but here’s a glimpse-
she had done a bit of Shibori before but needed some help refining her techniques for better and more consistent results.

she will be taking lots of new ideas back to Rio to explore. but before she returns, we will visit the JANM on Friday.
-and a trip to Rio is being seriously wondered about.

just back now from returning them to LA. I had no idea but they ( her sister is with her) were up at 5 am to negotiate the metro transit (buses, trains, and a cab) to get here this morning. we drove them back up to LA and safely tucked them back into their hotel for the night.

tomorrow though, back to basic studio work and tour organizing.

what a day- good night!

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