4 thoughts on “January 3, 2013

  1. Good morning Glennis – just in case you’re confused about what day it is…it’s Thursday, 1/3/13…I was very amused about your complaint of not know what day it was because of your specific schedule as I too often don’t know what day it is these dayz due to chemo brain. So my question today is – what do you do with the fermented indigo…do you put fab into it and “compost dye” or does the fermenting make the indigo easier to handle and do other types of dye transfering other than vat dyeing…I hope I don’t sound too ignorant here…I know some people do compost dyeing with vegetation, fruit skins etc. So…inquiring minds wan to know…btw, thanks for showing the book by Dorothy Miller, I am doing a search to see if I can find a copy to add to my dyeing library. Have a marvelous day today!

    • some days anna, it just doesn’t matter what day it is. hopefully a good one but if not perhaps a better one will follow. the indigo leaves will break down (compost) leaving behind the indigo which will be used in a fermentation vat. leave no question unasked! i will answer as i can.

  2. Is this actually the fermentation process or will you take this compost and combine it later with madder and soda ash and ferment it? I’m a neophyte so just gotta ask! I like the fact that this dye is all natural and can be made at home. In fact I read that most early Colonist women had an indigo vat going for their daily dying needs!

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