7 thoughts on “January 2, 2013

    • seriously, the machine is not important. i used to have a nice old used husquevarna(sp?) but my ex pawned it when i found a gun he had brought secretly into the house (we had kids and this was a MAJOR bone of contention) and removed it and turned it over to the police (for safe keeping). he took my sewing machine and i never saw it again. i figured it was worth it. i bought this cheap floor model at a quilt show one year. it serves although now i can’t get it to backstitch and it is fussy about changing stitches.
      (by the way, notice i said EX)

      i have found it’s more about getting the settings right. the tension the pressure foot etc esp. when sewing very fine fabrics. that is why i only use this for silk hemming. i leave it set just so. i have another even cheaper machine i bought off craigslist for any other sewing.

  1. Glennis, is that some kind of special foot helping guide the silk under the needle? And what is a “micro needle” (I think that’s what you said)? Thanks, Pia

    • pia- it is a microtex 70/10 needle. seems to be pretty fine. is it a special foot? i don’t think so. honestly, i wouldn’t know even if it was attached to my own leg. well, actually, i do know it’s not for buttonholes.

  2. I learned something! I didn’t think the moon shading was painted, but rather ombré dyed. I was waiting to see if you filmed the corner stitching… Do you do a mitre corner? Just wondering. Tell me if I’m just bring too nosey 😉


    • I do it both ways Dar. sometimes on the same piece. a little painting in the end helps refine even the ombré dyed ones. it also depends on how much time I can afford to spend on something. especially if it will ultimately be for sale. you know how that goes…

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