December 29, 2012

wow! it’s worth looking at again.

the difference in color you see here on the silk is due to dipping the silk into an ammonia rinse which immediately turned it to the darker purple color. of course you can’t imagine that I could resist trying out a little over dyeing in the indigo…


shucks! all the workshop table coverings I had so nicely dried by hanging in the yard are now wet again- rain! great for the garden though and looks like indoor work today.

4 thoughts on “December 29, 2012

  1. wow, you’ve been a busy bee this 12/29 AM…i think it’s saturday…lol. so you got these three colors from a madder dip…interesting. I have some natural dye material purchased from Aurora and madder is one of the materials i purchased…i knew there was a diveristy of reds/purples one could garner but that gold is beautiful…also which of the red/purps did you use the ammonia rinse on or did you do both…inquiring minds want to know…

    • just the purple on the silk. the cotton had the CC in it. still purple.
      i noticed that there was a bit of purple streaking on the other vintage silk though most was a more orange color. i wondered if there could have been some sweat or something on the fabric (even though wetted out). i looked it up and sweat does contain some urea which is connected to ammonia. interestingly, i also took a piece of the purple silk and dyed it again in the CC madder liquor and was able to change it back to the gold orange color! and back again to the purple in the ammonia rinse. crazy! makes me wonder even more.

  2. i have some soaking, last year i got a very orange red on wool and silk, but a pink on cotton. no mordant or additives though, the colors stayed fast to washing. I will post the results on my blog after the first of the year.

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