December 27, 2012

it’s always a little difficult getting back into gear even after a short break. mentally, I’m not really all back. my mind wanders to things I would prefer to be doing.
such is the nature of the independent maker. taking time off has always been hard for me. I’ve never really disliked my work as a whole so I don’t have much of a need to get away from it. every day off or vacation seems to find me thinking about how I can put the experience to use in my work. I’ve created a situation where I have so integrated my work with my life for nearly 35 years now that separating the two creates anxiety.
also, working like I do, there isn’t any formal paid vacation time or paid benefits not to mention pensions or retirement plans. so time off generally means increased stress about bill paying. so I tend to try to avoid that stress by working more.
somewhere in there is a balance that must be met.
here is a short video on spiffing up your FB page if you have one. I spent a fair amount of yesterday on the computer working on future projects.

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