December 26, 2012

heading into the new year now! exciting times ahead. more on that soon. the time between Christmas and New Years is a time for me of organizing and reordering. and for today I’m going to start outside. it’s very windy but sunny. I think all the ginkgo leaves will fall today. makes me a little sad. but I will rake them and put them to good use for mulch.

4 thoughts on “December 26, 2012

  1. I am interested in seeing how the madder grows! Back when I dyed wool (30 years ago) madder was one of my favorite roots to use, so many variations depending on the mordant.
    Also loved seeing your one artichoke plant! My grandparents (when they lived in San Mateo area) had a few artichoke plants when I was a kid. I don’t seem to be able to grow them here in Sacramento (too hot) but I enjoy going to the mid coast areas where they are plentiful!

    • I’ve been feeding the indigo vat with madder root as it helps with fermentation apparently- so I have had it on hand. I just ordered more root and will begin to work with it soon. Castroville! artichoke Capitol of the world. artichoke fields forever. just drove through there.

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