December 21, 2012

I’m guessing that many of you are about to begin enjoying a holiday weekend of celebrating with family and friends. we will be doing the same here.
I started baking two evenings ago beginning with some candied orange peel from the backyard tree.

last night I continued with the annual biscotti -with candied orange peel and toasted pecans.

I’ve got one more video for tomorrow in the works but I’ll be quiet here on the 24th and 25th.
I wish I could have a cup of coffee or tea with you all right now and share a plate of these delicious biscotti!!

enjoy your holiday preparations! see you tomorrow-

5 thoughts on “December 21, 2012

  1. Hi Glennis – don’t you just love it when vendors make things more tedious for you…that scrim looks lovely, will probably dye up really well and sheer. I have some lawn I purchased – not from Dharma, altho I do a LOT of fabric, i.e. silk fabs from D. – anyway, I looking to see how your lawn dyes up …I am thinking about poleing mine…maybe. I do love doing the pole wrapping, I even have this sort of wrapping tool I purchased from SRI – they have a lot of old japanese dyed fabs, tools, etc. Anyway, this tool is wood and it has this arm that you extend, put your wrappingy thread in hole in arm and then you can wrap thread around whatever you wish to block for dyeing. I think this is a tool used more for shibori techniques but who knows it might work for bindings on pole wrapped cloth…
    your biscotti looks delish, and the dragonfly divine…wishing you VERY MERRY & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
    ant -anna in tampa

    • I’d like so see your Shibori device. there are a lot of versions of them. I have one I bought in Arimatsu. I’ll have so do a video on it one day for you here. I didn’t know Sri had tools -will have to check that out.
      as for the cotton lawn- it dyes up great. I use that a lot for indigo for that reason. it’s a looser weave. any time you have a fabric where the indigo can get in and around the fibers of the weave you will have better results. that’s why very tight woven polished cottons are much more difficult to dye by hand with indigo.

  2. Yum, love biscotti! I used to bake them around this time every year but this year we are sort of off wheat so I may have to let them go …
    Is scrim the same as gauze? And I am not familiar with the term lawn for cotton — is it just very sheer? The batiste (sp?) looked so silky and gorgeous!

    • I don’t know where that term came from or why but I like the weight for dyeing and it’s wonderful for hand stitching. Jude uses it a lot I think. I may have been introduced to it by her. the batiste has a great feel to it but I did do a test swatch and it is a bit more work to get darker shades. have to use it for something before I decide how I like it.

  3. i think it was named after an old city in France. Llawn was first made out of linen. What makes it so nice is that it is made out of high quality fine yarns which always makes it a dream to stitch, sheer but not totally. i discovered how much i like it by recycling an old blouse for quilting.

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