December 19, 2012

I do lots of ironing. I know someone else here that does too (Dar…). very dull work but I usually put on the radio and listen to some NPR or even something on Netflix. sometimes it’s rainy or windy day work. there’s always a pile of ironing on the ironing board.

(Looks like I have figured out the email and scheduling glitches with WP. You likely got that test email yesterday but I removed that post after we figured out the problem. )

I don’t remember if I mentioned it but you can use the calendar in the sidebar to click to any post by date. days without a post are not highlighted.

9 thoughts on “December 19, 2012

    • Wow I am now doubly impressed with you and your work!! I am not an ironer (and do it only if I really have to for a quilt or something — my clothes get the steam and dryer LOL)… you must have the patience of a saint!

  1. Ha! Yes … ironing, the unpleasant but necessary evil. I’m going to have to watch this again on a larger screen to get a better look at hem porn. These little clips look awesome on my phone though

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