December 18, 2012

back in town after the weekend trip-and the cotton lawn which has been on back order is here. so it’s time for some indigo yardage to be dyed. but before that there were some custom socks to be dyed. sent to me by Carlos with specific instructions. also, some yarn for mallet making-marimbaists like to make things too- even indigo things!

7 thoughts on “December 18, 2012

  1. nice socks, I am sure the marimba guy will love wearing them. Silk yarn to wrap marimba mallets, how fancy is that…love this daily conversation, now to get my dye pots going but too many doc appts this week, so it will be weekend before I can get going…sigh. But, Glennis, your images and conversation always inspire me…
    ant [maclives is my wp name – but I am still Anna in Tampa…lol]

  2. Love the socks, Glennis! Looking forward to cranking socks and trying in my indigo dyepot(s) after the holidays. First, need to experiment as the undyed yarn is different than what I’ve been using for making/selling socks. Have you done socks before? Never thought about them before in relation to tieing and indigo.

  3. dyed some solid socks over the summer, after taking your indogo class…. and have worn them out to the point of patching them, i love them so much….but the tied treatment is great! love following you here.

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