December 17, 2012

I came across this video recently and thought you might find it interesting. and, a little itajime indigo in the end.

sorry about the volume levels.  i just figured out how to better mix the levels…

a little update here-

for some reason the email notification doesn’t seem to be working here.  I’ve sent a message to WP for a fix so in the meantime, just bookmark this site to return to it daily or whenever you like.  also, the scheduling function isn’t working so i have to go in to manually  publish until they answer that question too.  raining here again today but last night we had the pleasure of watching a lot of kids make merry music-

5 thoughts on “December 17, 2012

  1. My, that is a lot of silkworms to keep fed! Know you’ll get the kinks worked out, but enjoying it anyway. I prefer to save in Favorites and just check daily, not needing any more emails! Lot of kids taking marimba and other lessons! I haven’t seen one of those since early 1960’s when I was taking piano lessons and granddaughter of my teacher played marimba.

  2. 1. Yay the email worked today!
    2. Love the clips of the trip to Japan! Do they stir up the silkworm bins or just keep putting leaves on top? Along with that thought, do they take out the dead leaves?
    3. The little kids especially… kawaii so! (how cute)
    Unofficial 4. I need a Nihongo writing program, any ideas?

    • the silkworms naturally move up to eat the fresh leaves. this leaves all the frass at the bottom of the bins. a net is laid over the worms from time to time before feeding and once all the worms have moved up through it into the new leaves to eat the old leaves and poop ( frass) is cleared away.

      かばい そうですがね、、、
      (this is off the iPhone keyboard)
      most computers have a language setting that allows you to switch languages with a click.
      is that what you mean? look in settings or preferences for your keyboard. if you are looking for a phone app there are many- depends on your phone. for language learning, try Japanese pod 101 and my friend Eve’s site -joy of kanji.

      • Well actually I do (or did) speak Nihongo, but hadn’t really cared about finding a Japanese setting on my computer til now (look what you are bringing back to my life! LOL Arigatoo!) — I will check it out!

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