December 16, 2012

just getting the hang of things here. working out the bugs and smoothing out the wrinkles of shooting, editing, and uploading all from the phone. in 6 months, I should be pretty good at it!

hopefully, you’re getting the hang of this too and have all made your way here. I see a few invites have not yet been accepted so I am going to go and resend to those folks again.

the two silk fabrics i mainly work with are a 5mm habotai and a 4mm gauze.  these fabrics take a nice crisp pleat and are lightweight enough for the discharge and dye to penetrate through many layers. you would think that silk chiffon would also work but there is something about the weave and weight of it that causes the pleating to diminish more over time and use.  perhaps i just haven’t persisted enough with it.  as in most everything, it takes time and practice to really master each aspect of the process and the materials.

the video here was taken as I was prepping for a little photography session.  i do all the photography myself. it’s another part of my job as a daily dyer. I use a Nikon D40 with a 28-55mm lens. it is the lowest end of the Nikon DSLRs and is about 5 years old now. more on that another day.

4 thoughts on “December 16, 2012

  1. I am wondering… I clicked on the link and Word Press says I am following this by email yet I am not getting anything in email after that first message to join. Anyone else having a problem or is it just me?

    • for some reason i didn’t get an email about today’s post either and i am subscribed as well. not sure what is going on with that. it is a WP thing. let’s see what happens with tomorrow’s post. i’ll also ask WP but it usually takes them a couple of days to come back with an answer.

  2. Another question… if I may ask — the silk is flat when you dye it then you pleat it afterwards? Is that a hand process or is there some sort of pleater machine? I had absolutely never thought of that before I started really looking at your amazing fabric! It is so gorgeous!

    • the silk is flat before i dye and pleat it. it is wrapped around a pole and then wound with a fine string, pushed together and over dyed and steam set. the online shibori techniques class covers this process.

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